“Thank you for joining my team”
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Thank you for joining my team.  I will be in contact with you shortly, but in the meantime, you can review
every aspect of this great opportunity by clicking on the links below.
What to do next?
Since this is so new, and the company will only be in Pre-Launch in April, this is a unique time to promote
this opportunity to everyone you know.  Be the first to tell them because if you wait, someone else will.    
VERY IMPORTANT  :  Get their name, telephone number and email address.  Then send them to
www.businesstoget.com  and tell them to review the information and then fill in the form to lock in their
position.  MAKE SURE TO TELL THEM TO ENTER YOUR NAME AS SPONSOR.  That way the system will track
them  to you. 
The amazing compensation plan will enable you to make a fortune over the next year or two as this
becomes more wide spread.   Remember, most eveyone you know uses a cell phone including the kids.  So
this is HUGE.
A full matrix is only 29,000 members and that is not a lot considering the fact that there will be over 300
million cell phone users over the next five years.   This is not another nutritional product or travel system
that has limited appeal.
This is something that everyone uses and would be very interested in the opportunity when they find out
that they can get paid on their own usage and that of their family, friends and business contacts.
What to do . . .
                        Family,  Friends,  Business Contacts,  Neighbors and others.
                        Speak to every person you meet.  Give them a card with this web site
                        and make sure they put YOUR NAME in the form.  After the company
                        launches in April, you will have your own web site and can send
                        People directly there. 
Please don’t hesitate to contact me.    Together, let’s make 2010 the very best year ever.   
Best success,
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